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Black and White Elements and Principles Project


Students are to choose either an Element of ART - Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Space, Color, Form; or a Principle of Design - Emphasis, Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Pattern, Movement, Rhythm, Harmony and Unity.

Using only Black and White construction paper, scissors and glue,

students then create a piece of non-representational, abstract art

that is an interpretation of their selected Element or Principle.


The pieces are not restricted to two-dimensions, or any specific size or shape.


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In-Progress Examples of the Composition Project

The 18-inch square white drawing paper is divided into nine smaller squares. Students then create nine compositions that are illustrations of each of the nine Principles of Design:

Emphasis, Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Pattern,

Movement, Rhythm, Harmony and Unity.

All nine mini-compositions must connect to form one cohesive, aesthetically-pleasing, dynamic work of art. Students are required to first use pencil, then black permanent marker, watercolors, cut paper and a minimum of one of the following media:

colored pencils, oil pastels or markers.

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