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Brianna Paiva

I am currently on a journey to find myself with art because art is beauty and beauty is life. In technical terms, I am an artist-in-progress. My goals may be out of this world but I will do anything because everything is possible. I create art that inspires me to be a better person. I capture the simple beauty that life provides. Whether my art is photography, digital art, sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, ceramics or just craft design, I still find a way to make everything unique.


Everyone looks at life through a different lens, art provides us the opportunity to see life from the view of others. I don’t believe anyone can sit me down with a pencil and paper and tell me what to create with a deadline. Thoughts come and go as they wish and it’s my duty to express them to others. Some may think that our thoughts can always be put into words, however if I was gifted with the skills of writing I would not be creating the kinds of art I do. The art that inspires me to keep creating speaks much louder than words.


I dream to become a high school art teacher, this is the time when one begins to express themselves and to develop the skills they need to succeed in life. In December of 2012 I job shadowed Ms. Dumoch of Danbury High school for an English project. I loved being able to spend a day observing a teacher at her work, it is a lot different from being a student. Teaching is not as easy job, there is preplanning, daily tasks and an endless amount of time involved in the job. Art teachers specifically do not teach based off of a syllabus, they teach in a matter of projects to help influence students and improve their talents. Hopefully I will be blessed enough to will further my interests in this field with college and I plan to devote my time to the community with teaching people how to express themselves with art or other talents they may hold.


As my journey is just beginning, I believe with the age I am currently I have come a long way. Being recognized for art is something I cannot thank anyone enough. I just love to capture beauty in a way it will last longer.

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Coal clay project

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